Tips To Increase Engagement On Instagram

Tips To Increase Engagement On Instagram And Become Famous

Instagram is the preferred social media platform for today’s young generation. The ability to share their thoughts with their peers through the use of photographs is a very alluring factor that draws people to Instagram. While some users are busy sharing their lives with beautiful pictures, others are always on the lookout for tips on How to Get Instagram Famous.


There are three important tips to get famous on Instagram, by increasing the number of likes, followers and comments.

The first step is to join an Instagram pod. Instagram pod is a group of likeminded people on instagram who form a group. They help each other out by increasing the engagement on the posts made by the group members. They follow the member’s posts and post likes and comments on them, and increase their popularity on instagram because instagram upgrades the posts to the top post and features them in the Explore page, with higher engagement. The more the upgrades, the more people will be able to see the posts. These pods have a set of rules for the members to follow. The rules are very simple and straight forward and easy to follow. These instagram pods are a great idea to make new friends on instagram and have a mutual benefit of increasing each other’s engagement.

The next most important factor that determines a posts engagement is the use of the correct Hashtags. Use the Hashtags innovatively, select the most trending Hashtags on a day and try to use them in your captions. This does not mean you have to stuff your captions with all the viral Hashtags. This will confuse the visitors and may in fact discourage them from seeing your posts. Using the correct Hashtags with a touch of originality is a perfect way to increase the engagement on your posts and become famous on Instagram.

Another most important point to remember is to post during the peak hours when most of the instagrammers are active and likely to see your post. While there are many recommended times always choose the time, you are comfortable checking your insta feed.  If most of your followers are based in another country, try to match your posts with their time zone.

Just follow these steps on How to Get Instagram Famous and land on the Top Posts page of Instagram. Increase the engagement points on your Instagram posts and become popular on the most coveted social media site.