The Top 3 Synthetic Urine Kit Brands

If you are choosing a synthetic urine which can be used for a drug test then make sure that the product is of a good brand else it might mess up the results and reveal the truth. Here we list for you three synthetic urine brands that have proven their results over the time. So if you are choosing synthetic urine then rely on these brands only.

Synthetic Urine Kit Brands

  • Sub solution – This brand provides the best synthetic urine kits. The product is composed of 11 different chemicals essential for fake urine and the main ones are urea and uric acid. This product is also used to calibrate lab equipment and contains a heat activating powder. Due to this, the temperature of the urine sample comes to the human body temperature. It is easy to use, toxic free and gives accurate results. You can create fake urine by filling the plastic bag with warm water. The plastic bag is provided with the product. After that, you just need to add an accurate quantity of powder to the water. It is that simple to use.
  • Quick Fix – This is another renowned brand which manufactures synthetic urine products. It was developed by scientists primarily to serve as a calibrate lab equipment. It has the accurate amount of urea and uric acid mixed with other contents that can help you pass a urine drug test. However, it does not contain a heat activating powder which makes it difficult to adjust the temperature of the sample. But the pH levels, creatine content, specific gravity and other chemical contents of the synthetic urine would be same as natural urine.
  • Monkey Whizz – The synthetic urine premix of Monkey whizz comes in a powder form. Although this is a good synthetic urine brand it has reported few cases of failure. The real reason for the failure of this product is its ingredients which are not up to the mark to pass the tough scrutiny of an adulteration test. The product contains uric acid and urea which are main components of the human urine. Apart from this, the heat pads present in this fake urine powder ensures that the sample remains at an accurate temperature.

Thus it is important to ensure that a reliable brand is used to pass the drug test. Mostly the sub solution is the most recommended brand because it can be dangerous if it is detected that you are using fake urine for the drug test. Make sure to read and verify the reviews and ratings of the products before buying any.