Having a small bathroom space can no more be a reason for your worries. If you are thinking that your bathroom is not big enough to fix a radiator, then you aretotally wrong as we are providing radiators as small as 400mm high and as narrow as 200mm wide. These are just perfect for smaller bathrooms. These radiators that are made with chrome, add luxury and style to your bathroom.

Towel radiators are one of the simplest luxuries that everyone wishes for. But, those with small bathroom area often have a feeling that they will be deprived of this basic luxury. This can never happen when you can purchase small and narrow towel radiators that fit best to the needs of smaller bathrooms. All you have to need is a free patch of floor where you can fix 200mm wide vertical radiator or a free space on your wall to mount small towel rails.

Why You Need a Narrow Towel Radiator?

Now, one may ask what is the use of buying a narrow towel radiator? Is it even possible to hang towels on a narrow 200mm wide radiator? All these are possible questions that might arise in the minds of buyers. Here is the answer to all your questions. The following points will make things clear to you:

  • These are not only meant for drying purpose but also helps in keeping the bathroom warm and free of moisture content. However, it is true that the heating capacity of narrow towel radiators is not that high but they definitely are efficient enough to keep you small bathroom warm.
  • Keeping the bathroom free of mold is a difficult task especially if you are living in a house with thick stone walls. These radiators will relieve you from all worries by keeping the bathroom dry and helping you get rid of mold from even the most problematic areas like the corners of the bathroom.
  • The best part is that due to its small size it can fit in almost anywhere. So, no matter what the size of your bathroom is, you can always make use of such towel radiators.
  • Picking up the right small/narrow radiator for your bathroom will help you save a great deal of money on energy bills.

So, now that you know that a narrow towel radiator is worth a buy, what are you waiting for? Place your order now!