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Have you heard of a new type of nursing

Home Care is a health service that is accomplished determindely and constantly for  someone or group of people in their place of housing, carried out by nursing professionals singapore and health workers with the plan and organising manner regulated by mutual agreement. So in essence, therapy by health employees is like in a clinic, only done once residence, either utilizing the help of medical equipments or not using medical equipments.  Could even work with a special clinic or a huge public clinics or hospitals.

Home care is a new type and mode of Nursing.  Today the need for patient care at home is getting bigger.  In addition to spending less, home care also has the advantage that the family will be closer to the patient.There are many job vacancies for nursing graduates, one of which is as a home care nurse.There are many advantages and disadvantages to being a home care nurse.

Indeed, home care nurses have a higher salary than nurses who work in clinics or even hospitals.However, the job of a home nurse cannot be the main job for you Indonesian nurses.Because in addition to the lack of nursing knowledge, you will also be left behind and feel jealous of other friends who work in clinics or hospitals.

Benefits of Working in Home Care:

  • The job is simpler because it only takes care of a patient.
  • Not bound by time or working hours so that work is more relaxed, following the patient’s condition.
  • Save the budget or expenses because housing and meals are provided by the patient’s family, making it more economical than boarding or buying food every day.
  • Salary is bigger than working in a hospital

Home Care Nurse Criteria

 Medical Homecare Nurses: The work handled by a medical home care nurse is the same as that done by a nurse in a hospital.

  Sick Manager: the main task of a sick nurse is to accompany patients who are not independent in carrying out daily activities.

 Elderly Nurse: Elderly nurses or caregivers are in charge of caring for elderly patients, bathing, preparing and feeding, cleaning patient/elderly rooms, talking to and walking patients.