What are the main features of the lock which has to push-pull applications?

There are many types of locks. It is important to use the best quality of locks to ensure security. Here is one of the locks which are familiar as push pull lock,this type of lock makesthe door open or unlock by using a motion of push or pull. This intent means that the user can open or close a door in just one swift movement.

Get rid of fumbling handling of the door

It is just like opening the door of a car. It can be opened with difficulty. It can be easily opened even when two of the hands are loaded with lots of stuff or carrying something.it can also be randomized by entering the password and can be guided to push two numbers which can be randomly used. This is required to avoid the password from getting inferred.

It can be kept in the away mode. If you are an outgoing person it is one of the best preferences. When your intent to leave the home for a long duration of time all that is needs to be done is to push the home button to activate the away mode. This will not access anyone to home.

No one can prank you. This lock system has the warning of prank. If anyone tries to open the door forcefully or even enters the wrong password which can be more than five times the door lock produces the warning alarm. Later it also disables authentication for some time and thereby helps to prevent trespassing.