baby bodysuit singapore

Best types of baby bodysuit for your infants

An infant bodysuit is a garment that is designed for the babies to be worn like a T-shirt. They are different from the T-shirts by the waist extension below. There is the presence of snaps that will allow this to close over the crotch. The main purpose of the crotch is to allow access to the baby’s diapers. This will also prevent the garment to ride up in the baby’s body and skin exposure. Similar to the T-shirts this baby bodysuit Singapore is also coming in a variety of designs and it can be worn as outer shirts or undergarments.

This was also known by the name of onesies which is commonly used in the United States. It is also known as diaper shirts, creepers, or snap suits. Sleeveless bodysuits are referred to as the vest in the British region.

Design and Types

The infant bodysuit is coming in short sleeves, long sleeves, or sleeveless. The common feature in all of them is laps neck. This will make it easy for the head to go through the neck of the bodysuit. Babies are also having large heads in proportion to the body. The head control of the baby is very poor, due to this the traditional neck opening would not be suitable for infants. Bodysuits without the lap neck will have snaps in the neck. This type of bodysuit is very famous among the newborn and infants. Due to the comfort and ease to wear it is always recommended to the infants.