Top Features Of Fortnite That Make It The Best Battle Royal Game!

The last couple of years have been the years of Fortnite. The game has gone crazy viral across the globe and the teenagers cannot live a day without it. The game has recently received Annual Webby Awards for being the best multiplayer and competitive game in 2018. The game offers some stunning features that other Battle Royale and multiplayer games cannot afford. On top of that, there are various useful hacks available online as in players can available and get an upper hand on the game immediately.

Top Features Of Fortnite –

Innovative Weapons – The graphics part of Fortnite is extremely rich. There are Sci-Fi weapons available along with the conventional weapons to kill the Husks. For example, there are neon lightning, splash damage, Zapotron that can kill enemies in one shot with its powerful blaster and much more. In spite of such overpowering weapons and normal weapons, the game has managed to maintain a perfect balance for all players without giving them a feeling of being an outcast.

Creative Maps – The maps of any Battle Royale game are the most important feature. Unlike other games, Fortnite gives a continuous update on the existing maps and brings new maps to keep the players engage and explore new adventurous things. The maps are very large for players to mind their own business. But there is also a Storm mode by which the map will shrink towards the end and this will bring the players closer to fight off ultimately. There are varieties of landscapes available and you can find different hacks on to overcome your competitors and be the last man standing.

Best Combination – The best part of Fortnite is that it is not just another shooting Battle Royale game. It is a combination of building and shooting game. In other words, it is a combination of Minecraft and PUBG both of which are crazy popular in their respective genres. You can create your own structure to protect yourself and get a better advantage to shoot your enemies from the shades even when you do not have the powerful weapons and tactics under your sleeves.

Custom Matches – The motto of Fortnite is that it is a game for everyone. Therefore, the company has provided three different modes called solo, duos, and squads. It can be played by two teams of 50 persons each and it can also be played by 25 teams of 4 players each. Most importantly, you can enjoy the game yourself in the solo mode.