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How Good Is Boss Audio R1100m Riot 1100 Watt?

Boss is inarguably the pioneer of audio and video products inventor of our times. Their tell-talestories of supremacy in leading the industry for over 30 years have been the harbinger of the revolutionary transformations that have taken place in the field ofaudio devices.  There are range of products that have come from their brains all these years. Amplifiers, sub woofers, capacitors, coaxials, gauges, stereo phones….you name them you have them. The boss audio r1100m riot 1100 watt is the latest invention from their end.

Mosfet amplifier

What is it?

The boss audio r1100m riot 1100 watt is an advanced Mosfet amplifier and consists of many latest features to enrich your audio experience. A careful and detailed look of the features tells us the specifications which separates it from the rest.

Salient features:

  • Boss riot series R1100 M
  • 2-ohm stable monoblock amplifier
  • MAX power rating

          4 ohms: 550 watts*1 chan

          2 ohms: 1100 watts* 1 chan

  • RMS power rating

         4 ohms: 413 watts * 1 chan

         2 ohms: 825 watts* 1 chan

  • Wired remote bass level control
  • LED power and protect indicators
  • Speaker-level inputs
  • Heavy duty aluminium alloy heat sink
  • Frequency response: 9- 50000 Hz
  • High and low level inputs etc.

There are many other features which make it fine product. Let us take a look at the details of the features.

  • The 1100 watts power amplifier enables you to amplify power within the system while the tunes are on.
  • Another convenient factor isthat it can be controlled you can tweak it with sub-woofer control. This feature enables to control the bass and add it as per your choice.
  • This is an A/B which also has MOSFET power supply with which you can arrange tunes in your wish list.

The price quoted is not so high. It is $54.99 dollars. Experts say that for the price that it is offered at the quality is good but not great. So if you can afford more, you can go for better product. If you are budget constraint and need a quality product, this can prove well.

 One drawback that you will find is you need an amp for it to work. Yes, the sub-woofer may require amp to work.

Plus points of the product:

Auto off when the amp is too hot

Provision of connection to wall outlet

Has variable bass boost

Draw backs of the product:

Cannot be fit to the television

Mounting is essential else chance of breaking is there.

Best for single subs


To say finally, it is budget friendly and meets the interest of common man. If you are looking for a quality product with small pocket you can definitely give it a try.