Top Benefits That Bitcoin Provides to the New Users

Many people do not know much about Bitcoin or it is their first time around. And they believe it isn’t real money, or just a currency, or scam tool for the online criminals. Bitcoin is a digital currency. Just like an email was to Internet, this currency just is a best method to bring this new technology to people across the world. Just like Internet is a lot more than just email, we have not even scratched surface to what the Bitcoin is and we will see how to convert 1 btc to inr. Before that let us look at some reasons to start with BTC that will help new and intermediate Bitcoin user to get the better understanding on how Bitcoin and ecosystem can actually work in a real world when we go ahead. If you’re already the Bitcoin veteran, make sure you share the information with somebody you want to introduce to BTC.

World’s simplest account to open

If you are a bank, accounts are very simple to open! And with Bitcoin, you do not need any bank and credit.  There is no credit check, age requirement, ID, passport or citizenship papers needed to have the Bitcoin wallet or bitcoin. Suppose you control the money or bank account, you’ve the true economic freedom. BTC gives anyone such option.

Appreciate appreciation

Critics of BTC are fast to point that this has lost plenty of dollars in the value. What they do not tell you is that some years before it was worth it and appreciated huge percent in the value in over six years time. Is there any other commodity or currency, from silver and gold, to real estate or cash that has ever increased in such high value that much from 2009? You cannot, because there has not been the financial option that is so revolutionary as BTC before.