textra pro latest apk

Features and reviews about textra SMS app

Textra is an amazing messaging app for texting in android phones. It is very fast and it allows the users to alter or modify the interface as per their likes.Textra is getting famous among the android users as many of them has switched over from using the regular Google messenger app. Hangouts have diminished as many new interesting and fast apps are filling the space.It is getting popular among people due to the following reasons

  • Space efficiency
  • Fast messenger
  • Great customization
  • Scheduling options
  • Delay SMS options

It is always good to look for the user ratings and reviews made on the app before downloading. When you go through these textra pro reviews you will be able to get an idea about the app. To know the nature of the app like user-friendly and mobile friendly, it is good to read reviews. Once you are satisfied with the reviews and experiences of users of textra you can just download it to your device and enjoy using it.

textra pro latest apk

How to install textra app to android phone

It is very simple to install this textra pro latest apk just by downloading the apk files. If you are least experienced in handling these apk files then you can follow the below-given procedures to install textra on your device.

  • Download the textraapk through some reliable link.
  • It gets stored on the file storage of the device.
  • Go to settings, change security options and accept downloading.
  • Now open the downloaded apk file on the device.
  • Click of allowing and grant permissions to the app to control over the messaging service by synchronizing contacts and images.
  • Now you can simply open and use the app as your default messaging app.