remote pharmacy verification

Remote Pharmacy Verification So That You Can Handle Your Pharmacies Conveniently And Hassle-Free

It can get challenging for single pharmacy owners to manage everything, especially, while operating multiple stores. To run the stores smoothly, it is necessary to have easy access to all the crucial pharmacy information, even if they’re not physically present at the site. This consists of reporting, patient details and prescription queues. That’s why remote pharmacy verification becomes important for both independent and multiple-location pharmacies. There are many software’s like BestRx Pharmacy Management providing these comprehensive services. With their features, pharmacies can easily handle all activities from anywhere.

Three ways in which you can handle the pharmacy from anywhere

Central verification

With this option, pharmacist can remotely verify prescriptions through an online interface by syncing their verification queues to the cloud. Multi-store owners have the freedom to link all their pharmacies and access each one’s queues with a single ID. Pharmacists can gain access to the portal by entering a valid email ID using any device. With remote pharmacy verification, the pharmacist can-

  • See a list of prescriptions in the queue
  • Verify these prescriptions
  • View any documents or images attached to the prescription
  • It can save time as well as reduce staff costs.

Central profile and RX transfer

This feature allows pharmacies owned by the same company to search for customer and prescription data from any of their other locations. The details can be easily obtained from an online portal or BestRx software. With this tool, the pharmacist may-

  • E-transfer prescriptions from one pharmacy to another
  • Save time for calling or sending information between two different stores
  • Reduce the time required to fill prescriptions

Central reporting

With the help of this function, pharmacists can get reporting details by logging on to an online portal and syncing their data to the cloud. While loading reports, the pharmacist can-

  • View multiple reports for a single store
  • Select specific stores to add to a single report
  • See all their stores in one report

If you are a multi-pharmacy owner tired of filling prescriptions manually, this is the safest and most economical option for you.