buying a dog bed

Comfortable Cozy Dog Beds

Dogs can sleep anywhere. On the floor, on furniture or with you in your bed or anywhere. A lot of dogs sleep with their owners. But is it right for them and the owner? They can disturb your sleep and aggravate allergies. Veterinarians recommend dog beds for the comfort of the dogs. Usually, dog owners buy collars, harnesses, food for their dogs. But just think of an injured dog that is recovering, small dogs, older dogs, overweight dogs, dogs with joint pains. How would you feel on a wintry night? Dogs also need comfort for sleeping. Dog beds for man’s best friend are extremely important.

Comfortable Cozy Dog Beds

Dog beds impart warmth and insulation. They are especially beneficial for ailing, older, overweight dogs. For dogs with stiff joints, dog beds provide great comfort. More so as the dog ages. They bestow a cozy “my place” space to the dog. It is easy to clean the place if the dog is shedding hair. The comfort that dog beds confer is priceless. Throw in a nice comforter on it and it is so cozy.

There are many amazing varieties of dog beds in the market. Some of them are –

  • Bolster dog beds- They are good for larger dogs so they can rest their heads on pillow pads.
  • Mats- They can be carried wherever you go. They are very economical. You can attach thick orthopedic pads for older dogs.
  • Orthopedic dog beds- They are great for older dogs or dogs with arthritis. Just like humans beings, dogs also have joint issues and sore muscles. They have dense foam to give maximum comfort. Some of them have tightly woven fabric to avoid dust and hair passing through.
  • Mattress type dog beds- They are very economical.
  • Travel dog beds- They are very flexible. Can be rolled in your car and with your dog, just zoom out.
  • Heated dog beds- They are great in winters. They are ideal for ailing, older dogs.
  • Cooling dog beds- They are best for summers. They can be carried outdoors too.

All these varieties come in different styles, colours. They have great features like chew resistance, water-proof. They have either poly-fill or foam-fill. They can be customised according to your needs and price range. Many of them have washable covers for ease of use.

While choosing dog beds for your pet dogs, consider the dog’s age and size. If your dog curls up like a ball while sleeping, then go for a nest styled round bed. If your dog stretches while sleeping, then go for a rectangular one. Also, measure your dog before buying a dog bed.

The durability of a dog bed depends on how it is used. It depends on factors like whether the beds are trampled, dragged around, kept outdoors longer.