Project planning consultant

Project planning consultant is ready to discuss the details of the project

There will no extra charge when you submit your plans at the local authority. The final payment should be made by the customers once if their building plans are ready. You can engage in the services of your choice if you are familiar with the overview of the extension architecture services. There will be many benefits with the optional services if you are not sure about the services required by our team. The friendly planning team is ready to provide the assistance if you want to request for a free consultation. If you want to discuss the details of the project then the project planning consultant is ready to visit your property. The full site survey will be completed by the technician at our company. The planning application is included by our team in order to discuss and work with the required changes.

extension architecture services

Costs for the loft conversion:

The consultants will charge the fee on an hourly basis to arrange for the site consultation in advance. The complexity of your extension architecture project will completely depend on the size and duration. The possibilities of the extension can be understood based on the procedures and steps involved. The customers can know about the costs for the loft conversion if they visit our website. The real value can be added to your property in the most cost-effective way through the loft conversions. You can request for a free quote if you have confirmed the draft design for your property. The additional cost can be provided for the extension architecture if you require any design and access statement.

Obtain the structural calculations:

The support and advice are offered by the experts at our company and there will be many options for the clients. If any amendments are required for the drawing then you can definitely take advice from the experts. The building control can be submitted effectively with the guidance offered for the clients. The structural calculations can be obtained with the advice offered by the structural engineer. The customers can feel free to contact us if they want to get a free quote from our team. The experts have the required knowledge and experience to deal with the extensions of the buildings. The support team will get back to you as soon as possible as the services are offered for reasonable prices at our company.