sports massage in Centerville, OH

Get your sports on with a sports massage

Have you ever experienced a normal massage? If you have then you know the feeling of relaxation that you feel after its done. Similarly a sports massage is a type of massage which is used to loosen up your tight, sore muscles after an intense workout session. Not many people are familiar with sports massage, as it is not claimed as a different field from regular massage. But sports massage in Centerville, OH is quite recognized. The things that sports massage helps you in is by helping you reduce or release the tightness (soreness) in your muscles, it is also very helpful in the blood circulation of a human being, it also removes different waste products from our body such as lactic acid, etc. (everyone who has studied biology is internally agreeing, me included). The best thing that sports massage can do for you is that it can help prevent any kind of muscle injury.

sports massage in Centerville, OH

Difference between a regular massage and a sports massage

  • Regular massage.
    • A regular massage is done for the whole body.
    • In the full body massage, the person needs to be naked most of the times.
    • A regular massage helps your body to relax.
    • It is not as deeply focused but hits the right pressure points.
  • Sports massage.
    • Unlike the regular massage, a sports massage only focuses on certain areas (parts) of the body.
    • For a sports massage, you don’t need to be completely naked but you need to wear an appropriate attire which doesn’t cover the area that you want massaged.
    • A sports massage on the other hand helps your body to relax as well as reduces muscle pain.
    • It is deeply focused and is centered towards relaxing tightened muscles.

It is mostly athletes that get this massage as they are the ones who often have tight muscles after having intense workout sessions. People who have stress and anxiety also take this type of massage as it’s a good stress buster but they often tend to go for a regular massage.