offshore handling tool

What is an offshore handling system?

Offshore Handling Systems offer a range of hand safety tools that completely support a ‘Hands-Free’ working atmosphere. Designed by rig laborers for rig workers, each tool has been engineered to address precise challenges through the movement and placing of loads by supplying a strong safety solution to each working activity. By providing an offshore handling tool that decreases the requirement to physically place your hands on the load, you are fine on your way to mitigating, and eventually, eliminating the risk related to this activity.

Offshore Handling Systems tools are prepared from a lightweight polyethylene attachment joint with an aluminum staff. Their lightweight plus durable design creates them perfect for use by hand in the hardest of environments.

As part of the Offshore Handling Systems quality score, all tools are fire rate, spark as well as mechanically stressing tested.

OTOM Services is a young and dynamic business whose inventive thinking and fresh tactic to daily safety risks could bring real change to your daily safety atmosphere. Our devotion to safety is driven by providing high-quality products plus placing the solution in your public’s hands.

Combined with cutting-edge design specialists and reinforced with a widespread study of deck and drill floor actions, OTOM Services aims to be a world leader in safe handling solutions to the Oil and Gas industry.

This aim will be accomplished through continuous offshore handling tool development, promise to quality and invention, and excellent service in the delivery of solutions. Building for now, however designing for the future, our Client requirements are our priority since your safety is our business.