volunteer work for retirees in Singapore

Life after Retirement – Some Ideas for the Retirees

Everybody ages, and it is not only about the wrinkles or grey hair –it often comes with cognitive and physical health conditions that hinders person in carrying out everyday tasks such as housekeeping and buying groceries. It is heartbreaking when the old people in need do not have any family members on their side to support all of them.

It is where youths will step in to play an important part to make the difference –by volunteering to keep elderly company, offer listening ear, and take them to the medical appointments. And these are organizations you may ask for volunteer work for retirees in Singapore at to help The retirement must be your time to enjoy the fruits of years of labor as well as hard work, relax, catch up with your friends as well as fellow retirees or pursue lifelong interest you have always wanted to do and cannot find time to the hectic working life. There actually are a lot of options or ideas for the retirees to consider and turn the phase of lives into the most exciting as well as meaningful one. Here are some suggestions that include:

Stay guardian and companion to grandchildren. Lots of people, particularly men didn’t have an opportunity of bonding with their kids during the growing years because of their hectic working life. Kids are joy to stay with. They’re innocent, active and inquisitive.

Be tutor to your grandkids. Try to keep your mind alert and active, and look back to the grandchildren textbooks or be the tutor to them.