Air Scrubber vs Air Purifier: What Should You Get?

It is everyone’s right to get access to clean and pure air. But do you get it often? Probably not. In most cases, the air quality inside your homes and offices is just as bad as the air outside. Inhaling polluted air can give rise to various health issues ranging from eye and skin to throat and asthma attacks. These can occur even after a single exposure to bad air. How you can prevent this, you may ask. Many devices help in keeping the indoor air clean. Two of them are air purifiers and air scrubbers. Here, you will see the main differences while reading about the air scrubber vs air purifier.

Air scrubber and its benefits

An air scrubber is a small and portable device with the capability of cleaning spaces of hundreds of square feet. This makes them the perfect choice for industrial and commercial buildings.

An air scrubber has a minimum of 2 filters. The first one filters the large particles like pollens or dust from the air. The second one filters the air again with the help of a dry or wet scrubber. The positively charged pollutant in the air passes through the filter and pairs up with the negatively charged ions of the filter. Thus, the air becomes clean of toxins and other pollutants.

Some air scrubbers come equipped with HEPA or carbon filters or use UV light technology.

If a workspace uses a heating system, combustion appliances, or pesticides, scrubbers can be of great help. In case there is a wildfire outside, the device makes sure that the quality of the inside air remains unaffected.

Air purifier and its benefits

An air purifier is perfect for residential settings, installed directly in HVAC systems. It also removes the pollutants from the air, leaving only clean air for you to breathe.

A HEPA filter laced air purifier can remove up to 99.9% of germs, including microscopic ones. The positively charged pollutants get attached to the negative ions present in the filter, producing quality air.

An air purifier can also help in removing bad odors present in the air through the carbon filter. Not every air purifier comes with a carbon filter. High-quality purifiers contain UV light technology that helps during flu season.

Because an air purifier fits in the HVAC system, it doesn’t need any extra space.