commercial building signs in Salem, NH

Signage in Salem, New Hampshire

Through a Sign Ordinance, the Town of Salem, New Hampshire controls the use of signs and other outdoor advertising. This Ordinance aims to regulate advertising in a safe and orderly manner, eliminate visual clutter, and foster a welcoming atmosphere for both businesses and tourists.

Permit Necessary

The Building Division must provide permits before any installation, replacement, or any sign being moved. Applications for permits are on the website for the Building Division.

No-permit required signs

Certain temporary sign types don’t require permissions. Here are some of them:

  • Commercial building signs in Salem, NH may be up to 20 square feet in commercial zones and 6 square feet in residential zones. These signs are only permitted at the location they advertise.
  • Temporary construction signs can only be put up when there is active on-site activity going on, such as construction or landscaping. In residential areas, they are limited to 20 square feet, and elsewhere, 32 square feet.
  • Political Signage: These signs have to abide by state regulations.

Temporary Business Signs

Up to three times per calendar year, temporary commercial signs of the following kinds may be erected for up to 14 days each:

  • a 20 square-foot maximum poster or banner that is placed on a building, wall, or an existing freestanding sign.
  • a sandwich board or A-frame sign no larger than 9 square feet and no taller than 3 feet.
  • One flag sign that is at least 5 feet from a property border and is no taller than 6 feet and no wider than 2 feet.
  • The signage mentioned above is permitted for 30 days after a new business has opened.

Warning Signs

  • signs that are animated, moving, and flashing, such as electronic readerboards
  • Outside banners and signs
  • parking cars in a way that promotes something
  • Public signs must get Salem Board of Selectmen’s permission before being placed there.
  • Banners, searchlights, balloons, or outside product displays on lawns or in parking lots
  • road signs, utility pole signs, and tree signs

This article is not an exhaustive list but rather a general guide. Please consult the Salem Land Use Controls Book’s Sign Ordinance for further details.